Thursday, February 9, 2017

S T A N D with Edenics

STAN(D)   NaTS(eeYBH)    Noon-Tsadi-(Yod-Bhet)
Nah-TSEEVE            נציב         [N-TS-)V(à ST-N]
ROOTS: The noun and verb STAND is traced to Old English standen, then to IE “root” stā (stand). This is another ridiculously brief yet over-stuffed Indo-European (IE) “root,” stretching to alleged derivatives like ARREST (see “ARREST”) , PROSTITUTE (see “PROSTITUTE”), STEER 1 and 2  (see “SULTAN” and “TAURUS”) and  STORE (see “STORE”). While meaning is murdered and senseless sound is worshipped, as usual, at least the IE research indicates that there was no D when the ingenious cavemen began expanding the IE “root” stā (stand).

Frisian is older than Old English, and STAND is stean. Moreover, Yiddish “stand,” shteyn שטיין ,  also indicates that German Stand and certainly English words like STANDING and UNDERSTAND are late corruptions with a non-historic D.

The Edenic etymon of good standing is not a natural ST-N, but the neuro-linguistically- inverted  נ-צ Noon-Tsadi sub-root of words of verifiable antiquity.  נצב NaTSah(V) is to stand upright (Genesis 37:7). Elsewhere is means to set, station, present oneself (Exodus 34:2 -- most like STANDING on a position or running for office), and to be firm.  Standing upright, and remaining for eternity (“last one standing”) is most famously in נצב NeeTSah(V)  of Deuteronomy 29:9.   נצבא   NiTSBAh is firmness (Daniel 2:41); Modern נצבה  NiTSBaH is that same steadfastness. 

 The essential architectural device for STANDING upright is the  נציב NiTSeeY(V), pillar (Genesis 19:26).  STANDING milk is long-lasting, and  נצח  NeTSa[K]H means “perpetual” or “forever” (Isaiah 13:20).   נצח  NaTSah[K]H (to be prominent) resembles STANDING OUT.  נצר NaTSahR is to preserve  (Isaiah 49:6).   עמוד [A]MOOD is a pillar too  (Jeremiah 1:18), more below.
Designed opposites of standing forever and   נצחון NeeTSa[K]HOAN (victory) are  NooTSah[K]H (defeated) and נצה NaTSaH, to fly away, flee.
For the צ-ב Tsadi-Bhet sub-root of establishing, see “STABLE.”

BRANCHES:   Those alleged derivatives of IE root stā which do have sense and sound include:
STAMEN, STANCE, STANCH, STANCHION, STANDARD and STANZA. We can possibly add the botanical stand, the STEM. A fuller list of these so-called cognates are at “STABLE.”

Just as “vertical” is נצב NeeTSah(V), Hmong  ntsug means “vertical.” Edenics readers expect Asian inversions of Edenics roots, and Chinese does not disappoint. Chinese “stand” is zhàn . The  צ  Tsadi is a dental as well as a fricative, explaining why Vietnamese “stand” is đng.

The versality of  צ  Tsadi, makes it noteworthy to bring up the nasal-dental word עמד [A]MahD, to stand. This is the more conventional “stand” word, which also means “ to stay, raise up, remain, continue (Exodus 21:21) and, paradoxically, to stop continuing, to leave off (Genesis 29:35) or to STAND still. Similar paradoxical continuity / not remaining appear in נ-צ Noon-Tsadi above.

Corsican tèniti (stand) may also be inverting נ-צ Noon-Tsadi , but an added dental is there, as in most IE “stand” words. Even older languages like Icelandic standa do so.  
Slavic “stand” words have the same added D, but there is Slovak ustanoviť (set up, establish) and Slovene ustanoviti (to establish).   Perhaps Filipino tumayo (stand) has also not added a dental.        
The suffix –STAN in 7 countries like AfghaniSTAN is Persian and Urdu; it  means “where one stands” … thus a place, land, country.

Some “stand” words in Baltic and Celtic languages seem to have shifted their reversed    נ-צ
Noon-Tsadi to S-M:  Estonian is seisma, while Irish and Scots Gaelic is seasamh.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Humanity goes into moral bankruptcy in Chapter 11 (of Genesis).  It is no coincidence that the Tower of Babel episode (and subsequent breakup of the population, then of our single land mass -- referred to in 10:25) follows the Creator’s Wrest and Wreck-Creation executive action of the Deluge. 

All the traumatized descendants of Noah had the issues of 2nd generation Holocaust survivors. Getting away from Mt Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed, they traveled SE and found a large, flat valley near the Euphrates River.  This location, Shinar (Sumer) was perfect for a vast city. The site of Sumer was lost for millennia, so the Torah had to refer to the known Babel of centuries later.  In this utopian metropolis all the huddled people could feel secure, and get revenge on the Creator that made them feel like vulnerable creations. 

Be ethical or die?  Oh yeah, Big Guy, our so-called invisible and invincible Deity,  who made YOU the boss of us?  Power to the people! We know how to make bricks. We’re technical geniuses. We don’t need Your stones and wood. Tower-builders of the world, unite!

 They wanted more than a Bernie Sanders, or even a Vladimir Putin.  As Supreme Leader, they followed the mighty hunter, the man-god dictator Nimrod, their Kim Jong-il.

Generations earlier, Noah was spiritually advanced enough to hear the voice of an unseeable Creator.  But his grandchildren lapsed to the idolatrous notion of wanting some kind of visible Son-of-the-Creator, like a Pharoah or Greek hero.  Someone powerful but real, who knew pain and death, and could empathize with mortals.  The lockstep unity provided by this proto-Pyonyang  dictator and its tall tower of Kremlin-like centralization gave the traumatized post-Deluge generation some much-needed confidence, even a measure of in-Your-face mojo.

The step-pyramid or ziggurat, oldest in what we now call Iraq -- but somehow found everywhere from Egypt to South America --  had climbable steps.  It was an artificial mountain (remember the valley)  to get high enough to survive the next Deluge. The Ziggurat adds to our understanding of the tower-builders’ defiance of the Lord.  Like today, the amoral majority resent a Creator who holds people responsible for moral behavior.  To prevent the species from becoming North Koreans under a Kim Jon Il,  HaShem introduced multiculturalism.  After the Tower of Babel-babble , even a cult-of-personality superstar like Hitler could not extend real control beyond German-speaking Germany and Austria.  Neighbors like the Ukranians loved the Jew-killing part, but Slavic-speakers weren't going to ally too closely with a country that speaks a weird gibberish.

Globalism and Esperanto?  Babelonian-like pipe dreams are pipe bombs for the Free Will  human spirit of individualism and entrepreneurship.  Yes, our global Edenics team works towards discovering the one Divinely-Designed Biblical source of our human language, fulfilling Zephaniah 3:8.  But I see all people acknowledging Edenic, more than exclusively speaking it.